Tom Nook-

The Center School's favorite three piece is relatively new, but no one will deny that they're having a great time. Beloved alt-rock influences like Built to Spill and Death Cab for Cutie are pleasantly present in their tunes. Kick back and giggle to the Spanish II lyrics of "El Hombre" or dance to the lilting indie rock. (

Follies and Vices: 

Hailing from Sammamish, Follies and Vices puts out music that makes you feel like the angstiest kid at the house party--but in a good way. Their indie/alternative songs are laced with witticisms, pizza, and plenty of emotional honesty. (

Smashie Smashie: 

This West Seattle trio plays their psychedelic post-punk with a charming "devil-may-care" attitude. Seattle's music history is present here, but Smashie Smashie is surely bringing something new to the table and it's surely fun to bang your head to. (


Zach Burba's iji is something completely uninhibited and original. The music takes many forms: sometimes gentle indie rock, sometimes upbeat, jazzy dance tunes, sometimes mellow summer nights driving by the beach in song form. This is catchy, poppy, and undoubtedly DIY fun. (


Hardly a year old, and now SXSW veterans, Seattle's Tangerine has been featured in the Guardian, NPR, BUST, Tom Tom Magazine, Seattle Weekly, Diffuser, Indie-Music, the Philadelphia Daily News, Amazing Radio UK, and many more publications. The band puts out some of the prettiest indie-pop you have heard in a long time. It feels like summer time in a field of wildflowers--with the occasional summer-love breakup. Catchy guitar riffs and stand-out vocals put Tangerine on Seattle's music map. (


Ephrata draws you in with their witty title as "Seattle's best all girl and all guy dream pop shoegaze band", but keeps you there because of the epic dream they weave with their tunes. The four-piece also recently returned from SXSW festival in Austin, and heads keep turning to their new EP, "I Scare No One". They describe their music as "harmony drenched", and the harmony seems to drench the listener just as much as the music.(

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